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Personal Inventory Check

Been feeling kinda introspective lately and have been re-looking current projects and commitments that I have on my plate at the moment. For the moment I’m going to focus and streamline whatever I’m doing so as to ensure I don’t overextend myself. Which means some ruthless cutting down on the overall inventory of projects that I’m currently pursuing. Hopefully this will give me more bandwidth to focus on my core interests.

Right now because of inertia and a backlog of tasks, a lot of the side projects I had planned since the start of semester are stalling, and I probably won’t be able to get properly started until the bulk of my tasks are done (most of which pertains to my schoolwork). One thing I realized in the past few weeks is that procrastination is bad not because you’re being lazy or you don’t get work done, it is not these reasons per se, but rather it’s because it leads to a buildup of inertia that just exponentially grows and leads to a host of other problems including the vicious cycle of procrastinating. Only way to get out of it is to get down and dirty and get things done.

Hopefully that will also cure this weird inner jade-like desireless sickness that seems to have recently afflicted me.

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