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12.12.12 & Start of a productive month (probably)

So exams are done and semester is officially over. While it has been a somewhat turbulent few months for me, which also saw me taking a short trip to Malacca to visit grandma and at the same time do a bit of self-instropection, I must say that I’ve come out with not only clarity of vision but also a greater sense of purpose. Previously, I was doing too many different things at the same time without really knowing if everything tied in with what I really wanted to do. But not anymore. And yesterday was probably a start towards what is hopefully a very productive holiday.

After a sort of hiatus from NUSMS events, I’ve decided to join up with one of the project committees and recently had our first meeting. Once details are confirmed, I’ll be sure to post more of it here, but suffice to say it looks to be a very interesting event.

I also had the opportunity to attend a session of Suara Musyawarah. For those who might not have heard about it, Suara Musyawarah is an Independent Committee to engage the Malay/Muslim community by gathering feedback, opinion and perspectives from the ground. It can probably be alluded to the National Conversation, but more specifically targeted for the Malay/Muslim community. The session I attended was mainly composed of tertiary students and young professionals, and many pertinent issues and sentiments were raised. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of opinions and perspectives from the community might arise as more of such sessions are conducted. If more segments of the Malay/Muslim community are represented in such sessions, I’m sure a very frank and enlightening collection of perspectives from the community can be extracted.

In other news, I might also be involved in another Youth Expedition Project, but we’ll see God Willing:)


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